Goldenfeast/Orlux/Versela Laga Bird Seed

Our Premium Bird Food Provides Ideal Nutrition for Wild and Exotic Birds

Exotic birds are intelligent creatures that thrive when fed a diverse, nutrient-dense diet. At Goldenfeast, we understand the unique dietary needs of pet birds. From African Greys and Amazons to finches and parakeets, Goldenfeast provides the best quality exotic bird food available. Our plant-based pet bird food is all-natural and rich in the superfood nutrients you need to provide a healthy, robust diet to your bird. 

The Best Ingredients Available Today

Goldenfeast packs an extraordinary amount of specialty ingredients in each of our exotic bird, wild bird and small animal food formulas. You’ll appreciate how every package features time-stamping that assures maximum freshness. Birds and small animals love our food — and not just because it looks and smells delicious! Goldenfeast never adds synthetic vitamins or preservatives to our formulas. Instead, you’ll find diverse ingredients that stimulate your bird’s health, intellect and energy.


About Us and Our Gourmet Bird Food

For nearly 25 years, Goldenfeast Incorporated has formulated wholesome, natural, exotic bird food with an unwavering commitment to quality. Founded by pet nutrition expert Edward J. Schmitt, Goldenfeast products emphasize the importance of a healthy diet in the pursuit of holistic pet health. From exotic bird food formulas to blends created for wild songbirds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals, Goldenfeast is renowned in the pet food industry for developing the finest feeds on the market.

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