TriForce Canine Sqeeze-On: 9-20lbs

TriForce Canine Sqeeze-On: 9-20lbs

TriForce Canine Sqeeze-On: 9-20lbs

TriForce Canine Flea, Tick & Mosquito squeeze-on applicator for dogs between 21-39lbs.  Offers 3 month protection against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.  Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Fleas. Each monthly application of TriForce Canine offers complete flea protection that kills and repels fleas in as little as one hour. Specially formulated to break the flea life cycle,

TriForce Canine controls all three growth stages of fleas (adults, eggs and larvae).

Each treatment continues killing and repelling fleas for up to four weeks, and kills flea eggs and larvae for nine weeks. As a result, TriForce effectively breaks the flea-tapeworm life cycle, protecting dogs from Dipylidium caninum, a common species of tapeworm. Fleas are the intermediate host for this species.

Ticks. TriForce Canine kills and repels ticks in as little as three hours after application, and continues to do so for up to four weeks. Each application also helps detach ticks. Lyme disease, the most common threat associated with ticks, is transmitted by bites from infected deer and black-legged ticks. Pets diagnosed with Lyme disease commonly demonstrate signs of pain, lameness, fever and lymph node swelling in the affected limb.

The disease can progress from mild discomfort to severe joint and muscle pain, and even affect the heart muscle and nerve tissue.

Mosquitoes. TriForce Canine also kills and repels mosquitoes, minimizing the threat of West Nile virus. Although horses and humans are particularly susceptible to West Nile virus, the disease also can infect dogs, causing swelling of the brain and other life-threatening symptoms. Mosquitoes also contribute to the occurrence of heartworms, which can be picked up by feeding mosquitoes and transmitted to other, healthy dogs. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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